The African American Heritage Network is an independent consortium of individuals, nonprofits, and corporate partners who are committed to African American empowerment through education, tourism, community partnerships, awareness development, and diverse public engagement. The African American Heritage Network prioritizes advancement of supportive resources for Urban Youth and bridging communities together through special programs, including scholarship development and educational opportunities. The network also promotes the advancement of of African American History in curriculum.

Community Partnerships

droFluthAfrican American Heritage Network community partners participate in one or more initiatives, and in one or more locations, as dependent on the given partner’s mission and interests. 

Collaboration within a network of organizations empowers African American advancement programs to be strengthened with wider support for more communities inside and outside the beltway (DC/VA/MD), with long-term goals for national programs (Baltimore, Chicago, South Florida, more). 


Partnership Development

Engaging community outreach and networking in developing partnerships between organizations for shared benefits

Youth Programs

Facilitating administrative resources and support to youth programs, with priority for urban youth, at-risk youth, and special needs

Scholarship Advancement

Supporting access to, and advancing funding for scholarship programs benefitting urban youth access to college.

Heritage Tourism

Supporting partnerships between African American heritage sites and historical groups, and furthering access to educational tours

Speaker Series

Hosting special guest speakers on African American history, empowerment for youth and adult programs

Benefit Concerts

Special music performances open to the community and for Children's Benefit Fund fundraising events