Children's Benefit Fund

Empowering Youth

Children's Benefit Fund is a community driven philanthropic initiative, where fundraising efforts meet specific needs raised by the beneficiary groups advocated for. African American Heritage Network's goals for Children's Benefit Fund is to cultivate funding, administrative, in-kind, and volunteer support to youth organizations, recreational programs, college scholarship programs, community activities and services for at-risk and special needs youth.

Community Outreach

African American Heritage Network is currently reviewing local organizations and special programs in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland for prospective philanthropic support and appropriate fundraising efforts. We strongly encourage prospective sponsors and supporters of youth programs to share community engagement with us. 

Fundraising Events

African American Heritage Network is currently developing community partnerships to strengthen resources for youth. This includes partnerships with multiple youth organizations, churches, and outreach with prospective Gospel Music performers who may participate in fundraising concerts. 


This special fund, fundraising events, and giving program is managed by ABS Community Research, a nonprofit 501c3.

More Info

Please check back for more information on this philanthropic initiative in support of urban youth advancement, or Contact: Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. -